Find Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics experiences for your class


The STEM Directories are an online catalogue of activities that enhance the teaching of science, engineering and maths in UK schools. The Directories are managed by the Royal Institution.

Teachers can search the Directories by subject, age and location and can use the reviews left by other teachers to help them choose an activity. They can also apply for funding to host the activities through one of our grant schemes. The activities in the Directories are ‘Enhancement and Enrichment’, or E&E, activities – those that enrich or go beyond the school curriculum. They include shows, talks, workshops, challenges, museum visits, CPD sessions for teachers and more.

Providers of E&E activities can register to list their activity on the STEM Directories. Activity descriptions are reviewed by the Ri before being published.

The UK STEM landscape

The Royal Academy of Engineering performed a detailed survey of the UK’s STEM landscape for the benefit of the STEM community. The resulting report, published in 2016, highlights the issues that need to be addressed, the organisations involved and an analysis of gaps in provision.

Inclusion in the Directories is not an endorsement

Inclusion in the Directories is not an endorsement of a particular company or their products. Please note that The Royal Institution accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused as a result of booking any providers or schemes listed in the STEM Directories.