Find Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics experiences for your class

Activity providers

If you provide shows, talks, workshops, challenges, museum visits, teacher CPD or other Enrichment and Enhancement (E&E) activities that help promote science, engineering and maths to schools then you may be eligible to feature in the STEM Directories. There is no charge to appear in the Directories.


To be eligible for inclusion in the STEM Directories, your activity must be:

  • Strongly related to science, technology, engineering or maths
  • Available to schools in the UK either on a local, regional or national level
  • Up-to-date: schemes may be removed if we believe they are outdated
  • Personal: we only list schemes which involve personal contact face-to-face or online and in real time. Educational materials such as online resources, computer games and teacher packs can be listed on STEM Learning’s instead

How to add your activity to the Directories

To add your activity to the STEM Directories:

  1. Check that your activity satisfies the above eligibility criteria
  2. Read the Guidance for providers page
  3. Register
  4. Complete your activity description: log in, click on ‘Schemes’ on the left hand menu, then ‘Add Scheme’ and follow the instructions

Once complete, your description will be reviewed by STEM Directories staff with a view to publishing it. The review process usually takes 2 weeks. During this time, we may ask you questions about your activity or ask you to make some changes to the description. This is to ensure that the description is of best possible use to teachers.

How to update an existing activity

If your activity description has already been approved and published and you would like to make minor changes to it then you are welcome to do so at any time. You can do this by selecting the activity (scheme) that you would like to change by clicking ‘Schemes’ from the left hand menu, then ‘Schemes’ from the submenu. Once you have made any changes, ensure that you click Save at the bottom of the page. We advise that you contact us before making major changes to your activity description.