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abunDANCE workshops – exploring maths and science through a broad range of cultural arts

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Schools Of Unified Learning (SOUL)

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We provide workshops for primary and secondary schools and FE, sharing the unity of cultural arts, maths and the sciences: potential workshop themes are listed below and there is more we can do customised to your learning community.


abunDANCE workshops – potential themes


● Transformations of Winchi

Maths taught through dance

– the African Crowned Crane bird in rotation, reflection, enlargement and translation –

Transformational studies.

In this our most popular abunDANCE in Schools workshop we dance like birds (Winchi, the African Crowned Crane), exploring closely how our dance movements and gestures express the mathematical ideas of transformations and other interrelated principles/themes. We work through and practice physical and mental exercises that build determination and mind-breath-body harmonisation. Then, as a grand finale, we bring it all together for the great show, the part of our dance programme we call The Ngoma; bringing principles and free creative expression together naturally in abunDANCE.

● Making Patterns – Fun-da-Mental Points (lines, and angles too)

Relating dance movements to fundamental maths ideas gives a stronger internal foundation for young people to build mathematical insight, creativity and enjoyment.

● Introducing the Art of Mathematics – Part 1
Mathematics viewed from cultures panAfrica – its simple and omnipresent. Learning the
Mathematician’s Charter – Keywords explored; observe, record, enjoy, estimate, calculate,
forecast, visualise.

● Reasoning and the Art of Mathematics – Part 2
Principled visualisation, the greatest purpose of maths. Helping young people value mathematical reasoning, language and empowerment.

● Number, Measure and Ratio – the old school classics
These three mathematical ideas have a special depth that when explored can be found to bind many other aspects of maths, the sciences, the arts, nature and general lifeskills studies. There is a great and liberating value when gaining consciousness and competence in them. We explore these old school classics from refreshingly diverse cultural view points.

● I Count Too – Binary Drumming
Counting with one hand, counting with two things. Looking at music and number in a deeper way we explore an ancient basis of drum language. Alternate ways of counting combined with rhythmic harmony development make a great way to enhance the value and utility of number.

● Special Powers in the Hands of Children
5 important conversations on power that every child should know, supported by interactive explorations into the meaning of peace development and the realisation of wisdom. Core mathematical ideas as they relate to harmony, energy, work, power and wisdom. Becoming an advance learner.

● ግዛት Gzat: The Province of One 

introducing foundational math principles of space through cultural metaphor. Drawing (visual art) and warrior dance movements combined enhances this multi-sensory learning.

● Valuing the Quest for Truth
Ancient views of maths saw a unity of mathematical “truths” with personal and social character development, ethics and justice. Exploring the educative culture of the world’s oldest recorded mathematical geniuses and natural philosophers.


Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, General Science, Biology

Running time: 1-4hrs, 1 day, 4-8 hrs

Ages 5-7yrs old, 7-11yrs old, 11-14yrs old, 14-16yrs old, 16-19yrs old

To book abunDANCE workshops – exploring maths and science through a broad range of cultural arts contact:
Astehmari Batekun
IBA Community Centre, 86 Vestry Road, Camberwell, London, SE5 8PQ

Phone: 02081441720

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