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Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge for Schools

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Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge for Schools

Project for students

Working ‘on the cloud’ and ‘on the desk’, this is a predominately maths based Challenge that encourages the practical use and understanding of basic mathematics (measuring angles, scale, multiplication, percentages, decimals, problem solving, functional maths etc.), mixed in with some science and engineering. Put within the ‘real life’ situation of motor racing, it makes for a very enjoyable and educationally sound experience! Working in teams of up to 4, students will need to apply their solutions/decisions to set up a virtual car to race against others in their class or STEM Club, competitively! It is motivating, engaging, factual and generates a lot of excitement. Apart from the practical maths and the computer based work, it will also demonstrate clearly the importance of teamwork in the workplace, that accuracy pays off and that there are very good reasons why we ‘do maths’!

Teams progress through knockout rounds, with the World Final taking place in June, but the main work is undertaken in school throughout the year. Many schools have set up a STEM Club for the first time, often as a result of pupil pressure, to get involved. They also use the Challenge as the mainstay of a transition years project with other schools and run their own ‘private’ challenges to add that extra bit of fun and involvement. The software is suitable for ages 7 to 16 and for most ability levels.

‘In-school’ activity days are also available for up to 30 students and we have local ‘Centres of Excellence’ in Kent, Bradford, Glasgow, Devon, Caerphilly and South Shields that can help/advise you with this.

We are a British Science Association CREST Bronze Award Linked Scheme, which can also count towards the ‘Skills’ section of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Subjects: Mathematics, Engineering, Design and Technology, General Science

Running time: 1 day to 1 week

Ages 7-11yrs old, 11-14yrs old, 14-16yrs old

Cost: £549 + VAT for Senior Licence (11 to 16) In School and Unlimited Homes Access, £269 + VAT for Junior Licence (11 & under) In School and Unlimited Homes Access We also offer 'in-school' activity days for up to 30 students. The fee for these days starts at £415 + VAT (can include software licence) and varies according to location. Please contact us for exact price.

To book Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge for Schools contact:
Brian Richardson
10 Cromwell Mews, Station Road, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 5HJ

Phone: 01480 301201

8 Reviews

  1. Plaistow Primary Sch
    Posted August 12, 2013

    The activity definitely enthused the children about mathematics, they would often come and find me to check the activity would be happening the next week and to find out when the next race would happen. It encouraged the children to work both independently and collaboratively to ensure the maths was accurate. It allowed the children to see how different mathematical areas are applicable to real life, eg angles and percentages. The programme allows the children to reason with each other. I would highly recommend this resource to other schools.

  2. Lesmahagow High
    Posted August 12, 2013

    Pupils enjoyed being given a challenge very different to what they would normally expect in a maths class. They enjoyed having a practical task to work on at their own pace with minimum input or direction from the teacher. I would definitely repeat the activity. The activity was an excellent learning experience for pupils and teachers.

  3. Belle Vue Boys'
    Posted July 10, 2014

    Wow what a challenge! An excellent way to enrich the lives of pupils! This activity allowed the pupils to expand upon their maths knowledge while working as part of a team for the team competition but also as an individual for the individual rankings. It covers everything from simple operations to working out percentages, ratios and scales. All who took part really enjoy working on it and it has helped with concentration in actual maths lessons.

  4. Posted September 3, 2014

    Fantastic resource, we used it for a one day activity with a mixture of students. It encouraged them to work with each other, while applying their maths in a ‘real-world’ context. Everyone who took part enjoyed it and we are looking forward to using it again.

  5. Posted January 15, 2015

    I like the set of activities in which the pupils are engaged to build and prepare their car for racing as many mathematical outcomes are covered. I have used the software in class, with lunchtime clubs and as a special one-off with a group of pupils. I felt it worked best when pupils were able to spend at least a whole morning preparing their car to race. Pupil engagement could be enhanced if the graphics for the practice laps and final race were updated

    • cshsoft
      Posted February 10, 2015

      We are not sure what Anne means by enhancing the practice lap/race graphics. These graphics currently consist of a studio quality photograph of the race venue, a representation of a racing car tracking the circuit diagram and a display that shows the position of every car taking part (not just the race leader) in the race. A quick look at the video on our website Home Page ( will show just how excited and engaged the children get when watching this.

  6. Linda Arnold
    Posted July 10, 2015

    My students really enjoyed using the software, from a teacher’s perspective I was impressed with the high levels of enthusiasm and engagement as the students tackled various mathematical problems. We ran the challenge as a STEM activity with years 7 and 8, the year 8 group all gained their Bronze CREST award through their participation in the scheme and the moderators commented on the high quality of the work that they saw.
    Next year I am planning to use CMIM as an extra curricular activity and take part in the National Challenge.
    One of our newly qualified teachers attended a the training session run by JCMIM and was very impressed.

  7. Posted May 11, 2017

    My son, Zachary, did this at school for Golden Time, and now he is addicted. It is awful. I can never use my computer anymore because my son is constantly on it, doing practice races and stuff. Apparently he wants to enter into the national competition. He is going mad! I checked it out to see what all the fuss was about and was disappointed to see that it promotes fast racing round a track. He says it is ‘educational’, but really it is just an excuse to play on MY LAPTOP. Also, I realised that the graphics are dreadful. It looks like something from the 80s!
    Also, my son’s teachers consider this ‘homework’! Dreadful! One star.

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