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In-school visit

One hour, demo-based shows suitable for key stage 3, family and large audiences.

‘What You Know and Why You Don’t’ brings the experience of the greatest hits of psychology and neuroscience to your audience. Covers attention, influence, social psychology, biopsychology and neuroimaging in a practical way.

‘Subliming the Ridiculous’ celebrates the move from alchemy to chemistry and disproving the four classical Greek elements; earth, air, fire and water. It covers: turning copper into ‘gold’, the scientific method, drawing a vacuum, starting fire with air pressure, burning wire wool to form new compounds, identifying acids, making and burning hydrogen, splitting water in two.

‘Half Baked Heroes’ shares the chemistry, physics and biology of everyday items found in the pantry. It covers: miraculin and taste receptors, pineapple and enzymes, the gases in prepackaged food, making gases including hydrogen explosion, supercooling water, whipping up marmite, non-newtonian fluids – custard and ketchup. As many of these as possible involve at least one volunteer from the audience. Much from this show is something students can explore more when they are home.

Jon is a science presenter with an interest in how the history of experimentation has left us with a legacy of great things to demonstrate in a fun way. He has prepared and delivered live science experiences for the BBC Learning and Science teams when on tour with Bang Goes The Theory, The One Show, Cheltenham Science Festivals and for CBBC’s Absolute Genius Live, the Edinburgh Festival, CBBC Live in Leeds and CBeebies.

Subjects: Physics, General Science, Chemistry, Biology

Running time: 1-4hrs

Ages 11-14yrs old

Cost: Prices from £300 (plus expenses) for repeat performances of the show within the same day.

Note: Costs vary depending on location of school

To book Jon Wood Science contact:
Jon Wood
Cheslyn Hay, South Staffordshire, WS6 7HS

Phone: 07875502421

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