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Wonder Workshops

In-school visit

We offer a wide variety of hands on Engineering, Physics and Chemistry based activities that can be adapted to fit a specific school theme, such as a historical period (WWII), a play or a specific part of the national curriculum (e.g. Circuits, Electrochemistry, Forces, Mechanics, Product Design).   Photos of students getting involved in their learning

Activities on offer

Students will be encouraged to plan, design and construct their STEM inventions from a wide variety of materials such as newspaper rods, copper wire or masking tape, zinc washers, toy motors, cable ties, copper tags, paper clips, cardboard, plastic tubing, expanded polystyrene, brushes and straws, to name but a few materials. These challenges are design to not only build knowledge of facts, but also to skill students so they become more confident, resilient and resourceful, as well as good team workers, communicators and collaborative, creative thinkers, who are at ease with overcoming problems.

Some of these activities are competitive, whilst others are designed to encourage the sharing of ideas. We even encourage the students to recycle their newspaper constructions.
Our focus is squarely on the students learning and developing skills through design and experimental STEM based activities.

Wonder Workshops

Subjects: Mathematics, Art, Engineering, Design and Technology, General Science, Physics, Chemistry

Running time: < 1hr, 1 day, 1-4hrs, 4-8 hrs

Ages 5-7yrs old, 7-11yrs old

Cost: The daily cost of these schemes is £200. In some activities there is a small fee for extra equipment ie if the students want to keep their models and take them home

Note: Costs vary depending on location of school

To book Learning By Doing contact:
Bruce Robinson
135 Hooe Road, Hooe, Plymouth, PL9 9NL

Phone: 07966567770

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